Essential Oil Safety

1.Be sure to use only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and follow all label warnings and instructions.

2.If redness or irritation occurs when using essential oils topically, apply a vegetable oil – such as fractionated coconut oil or olive oil – to the affected area.

3.Essential oils should not be used in the eyes, inside the ear canal, or in open wounds. In the event of accidental contact with the eye, dilute with vegetable oil NOT water.

4.Do NOT consume an essential oil internally unless labeled with a Supplement Facts box with specific dietary supplement, use instructions, and warnings.

5.Discontinue the use of an essential oil if you experience severe skin, stomach, or respiratory irritation or discomfort.

6.When using on children, apply a very small amount of the oil to test skin or other sensitivity.  Do not use oil on a child’s hand as they may transfer to their eyes or mouth.

7.Consult your physician before using essential oils if you are pregnant or under a doctor’s care or have other safety questions regarding essential oils.