Who I Am

Your Oil Trainer


Growing up, in order to have a playmate, I had to learn how to play sports.  I have one younger brother who to this day is still highly involved with any and all sports.  There were no neighborhood kids when we lived in the country.  All we had was each other.  Outdoors on our small 1-acre lot is where my love for sports was born.

I earned a partial scholarship to play basketball in college.  While I was there, I gained a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training after hours and hours of learning on the fields and in the courts.  I experienced a wide variety of different sports at this level whether taking a class about it or attending practices and games.

After graduating cum laude, I found a job at a chiropractic office near my fiancé’s hometown.   I was responsible for rehabilitating injuries, providing therapy to speed recovery, as well as personal training.  In addition to the clinic, I also covered many sports at the local high school.   I did pre-game taping, on-site evaluating, and referring to the appropriate medical professional when it was beyond my expertise.  It was my job to get the injured athlete back to the athletic contest as soon as possible after a proper rehabilitation.

After twelve years at a job that I loved, I was forced to retire due to medical complications.  I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that progressively kept getting worse with my physically demanding job.  After retirement at the age of 35, my body was finally given the chance to rest.

One year later, I found the power of essential oils.  The relaxation from my job helped some but my recovery was still not where it should be for my age.  After using the oils, my body was better supported and I began feeling better than I had for years.  Since then, I began sharing essential oils with others so they too could reap the benefits of these natural substances that are safe and effective.  I went from sleeping for 2 days straight after working a Friday night football game to having enough energy to coach middle school girls’ basketball.

Your oil trainer is someone who has a passion for helping others.  Using essential oils in the sports arena is the perfect marriage between my old job and my new one.  I am excited to share with you my knowledge to aid you in your journey to a happy and healthy sports experience.


2000 - I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Physical Education (non-teaching).

2001 - I married my college sweetheart.  We met on the football field and got to know each other better in the training room when I was the student trainer for the football team.  Also, I began my job as an Athletic Trainer in a chiropractic office and on the football field at our local high school.

2006 - I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Dermatomyositis.

2011 - I cut back to part-time at work due to continuing health issues.

2013 - I retired from my job at the age of 35 due to extended recovery time from work that was severely cutting into family time.

2014 - I began using essential oils to support my body and have never felt better!


There are many opportunities to learn about essential oils.

I teach classes in various forms:

  • 1-on-1 class
  • In-home classes with friends & family
  • Facebook classes in a private group setting
  • Zoom chat

I would LOVE the opportunity to be your oil trainer!  I take my job of education very seriously.  When you purchase from me, I pledge to give you as much education as you care to receive.  I have a private Facebook group that is reserved for members of my team where you can get answers to many oil questions as an essential oil user.  I also have a public Facebook page, Essential Wellness with Alecia Marshall, where I also educate about various topics related to health, wellness and essential oils.