Top 6 Essential Oils for Athletes

The Athlete’s Kit

  1. Deep Blue Rub – The Soothing Lotion

We live on this stuff!  This lotion provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to tired and sore muscles and joints.  I wish I had been introduced to oils before I retired from Certified Athletic Training!   It works better than any other lotion or rub on the market.  A small amount goes a long way so begin with a pea-sized amount so it isn’t too intense.  Every athlete NEEDS this in their sports bag!


  1. OnGuard – The Protective Blend

Any student at all would greatly benefit from this blend!  We use this on the bottom of our feet daily to support our immune function, especially during seasons of air-borne threats.  It is also very helpful to diffuse this oil into the air.  OnGuard is handy to help relieve occasional tooth soreness (since it contains numbing clove) when applied topically over the sensitive area.  With increased immune function, your athlete will enjoy better overall health to be able to participate in sports as they wish.  We have extras at home so we will never be without some on hand.


  1. Breathe – The Respiratory Blend

This blend helps to open up airways which is especially helpful for outdoor sports to minimize the effects of seasonal changes.  It works great being diffused, but if you are not indoors, rubbing on the chest or inhaling from your hands are great options.  It also comes in a stick form that is easy to rub on the chest and under the nose.


  1. Melaleuca – Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has many uses.  Along with lavender, melaleuca is considered a great skin oil.  It works well as a facial cleanser and on minor skin irritations of all kinds.


  1. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most versatile oils.  In order to perform optimally, getting plenty of sleep is imperative for athletes.  The smell of lavender is very calming and has been successful aiding in sleep when diffused or placed on pillows, bedding or the bottom of the feet.  We also use this for any temporary redness of the skin whether it be a sunburn, bug bite or small scratch.


  1. Peppermint

Peppermint is a cool, refreshing essential oil.  Because of that, we like to put it with water in a glass spray bottle for a cooling spray during softball season.  It helps to wake an athlete up when inhaled deeply for 2 minutes.  Peppermint is great topically for the occasional head or stomach discomfort.   Also, studies show that smelling peppermint helps with memory and school work as it works wonders with the limbic system in the brain. This is an oil that’s great to have in your kit!


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